Throughout the past year a lot of TubusOne prototypes have been tested. In June 2016 the world patent was officially pending because the product was finished. The long test period had helped decrease the number of flaws and errors and the first user-testers were now using TubusOne several hours a day without experiencing any problems. TubusOne consist of:

  • A mouthpiece
  • A touch function
  • Carbon fiber and high grade aluminum Tube
  • TubusClip; a stand for TubusOne


The Mouthpiece

For better hygiene and a more pleasant positioning of the mouthpiece in your mouth it has been developed in a one-piece solid medical grade nylon material with a smooth surface. This makes it easier to clean everyday and more pleasant for your gums.

The Touchfunction

The touchfunction is made from silver woven fibers and works like an extended finger on the touchscreen. It allows you to make tapping and swiping movements on the touchscreen.

The Tube

The tube is made from carbon fiber and high grade aluminum to minimise your efforts when using it. Quality lightweight materials are important for a maximum user experience. Unnecessary weight in such a product can cause sore muscles in the mouth and neck, which is why the materials for this part of TubusOne have also had high priority.

The Stand for TubusOne- TubusClip

The stand is also made in a one-piece solid material with a smooth surface. TubusClip is designed for tablets so TubusOne can rest while you are drinking, talking, eating or reading.

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