Q: How do I use TubusOne?
A: You simply grab the mouthpiece with your mouth, use a soft puff to activate it and start use the product on tablets and smartphones. It works just like a finger- we call it “an extended finger”. 

Q: Do I get exhausted from using TubusOne?
A: TubusOne does not require any physically strength or muscle contraction beside from generating a recompression in your mouth. You basically use the air in your mouth to generate a pressure, which makes the stick move forward. You are still able to breath normally thru your nose while using TubusOne.  

Furthermore, you do not have to move your head back and forward to touch the screen – the TubusOne allows you to activate an application just by blowing air. Though you must move your head two-dimensional (horizontal and vertical) when navigating for instance on a keyboard (e.g. from A to L or from T to V).

Q: Do I need to clean TubusOne every day?
A: We advise you to clean the mouthpiece on a daily basis to maintain an optimal hygiene level. This can be done with a used toothbrush. The tube in TubusOne needs to be cleansed three times a week for better performance. The tool used to clean the tube will be in the box when you buy one of the product perks.

Q: Does TubusOne need any software in order to work?
A: TubusOne is hardware and does not need or require any software in order to work. 

Q: Why can’t I buy TubusOne in the shops?
A: TubusOne is a startup project only sold through a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo September 5th 2016 to October 5th 2016. After the campaign TubusOne will be sold on our webshop at www.tubusone.com. If you want to learn more about where you can buy TubusOne after this campaign then sign up for our newsletter at www.tubusone.com. 

Q: Can I speak while using TubusOne?
A: Yes you can. TubusOne has a simple mouthpiece like other communication tools for the mouth and does not hinder your ability to speak.

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