Q: How do I use TubusOne?
A: You grab the mouthpiece with your mouth and puff lightly air into the tube in order to activate and start using the product. Simple and easy. 

Q: Do I get exhausted from using TubusOne?
A: TubusOne does not require any physical strength or muscle contraction beside from generating a recompression in your mouth.
The puff of air you use is compared to blowing bubbles in a glass of water, through a straw and you are still able to breath normally through your nose while using TubusOne.

Q: Do I need to clean TubusOne every day?
A: A: We recommend you to clean the mouthpiece on a daily basis in order to maintain an optimal hygiene level. The tube in TubusOne needs to be cleansed three times a week for optimal performance. The tool used to clean the tube will be in the box when you buy a TubusOne.

Q: Does TubusOne need any software in order to work?
A: TubusOne is hardware and does not need or require any software in order to work.

Q: Why can’t I buy TubusOne in the shops?
TubusOne is currently sold on our webshop or through resellers.

Q: Can I speak while using TubusOne?
A: Yes you can. TubusOne has a simple mouthpiece like other communication tools for the mouth and does not hinder your ability to speak.