TubusOne - Stay independent Stay in touch

Dennis Christensen

Forty-five years old, former Master (home trade), primary progressive MS

What do you use TubusOne for?

I have a background as a master (home trade) and my social life stopped when I could no longer manage my job at sea. With TubusOne I have gained a social life on the Internet and that is simply awesome! I joined a forum for people on my street where we chat about bulky waste, get-togethers and everything in between. I also send birthday greetings, keep myself updated on the local soccer team and I spend lots of time reading debates on the Danish MS Society’s website. TubusOne is a brilliant way of gaining a private life on the internet when you cannot use your fingers.

Tubus Technology ApS that develops Tubus- One uses a business model that embraces your and other users’ experiences and feedback. How has that been?

I definitely feel that Asbjørn, who develops TubusOne, listens to my experiences and uses these for improvements. He and Lizanne, who is in charge of the day-to-day operation are extremely dedicated to helping us and I wish them all the best.

How would you explain how TubusOne works?

When someone asks, I say that it is a bit like when children make bubbles in their lemonade with a straw. You use your cheeks so you do not need strong and super healthy lungs.

Is there something you would like to share with those who consider buying a TubusOne?

Hurry up and get one! It opens a door to a brand-new world! Though it is impossible to imagine just how much such a small plastic tube improves your quality of life until you try it, It is the best investment I have done for a very, very long time. Another fantastic thing is that it costs less than most other devices. Especially the ones that actually work.

Have you experienced any challenges using TubusOne?

It took me a few attempts to learn how to place TubusOne in the clip that carries it when you do not use it. Recently I got a new wheelchair, which I can control with the chin, and for a while I had to stop using TubusOne. It was really only a short period of time until I learned how to manage the new chair. But it felt like ages because I had become so dependent on the freedom that TubusOne gives.