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  • Kommunikationscenter Thisted
  • Kommunikation og hjælpemidler Esbjerg Kommune
  • Holbæk Kommune
  • Kommunikation og Teknologi i Vejle
  • Center for kommunikation i Herning
  • Kommunikation og Teknologi i Horsens Kommune
  • Center for Sundhed, Videnscenter for Specialpædagogik i Næstved Kommune
  • CSU – Center for Special Undervisning København
  • RegionH kommunikationscenter
  • DokkX i Århus – Teknologi i praksis
  • Specialcenter Roskilde
  • Horsens Kommune
  • Hjernecenter Syd & THS
  • Center for Velfærdsteknologi Nord

The story of TubusOne™

In 2013 eight students from Aalborg in Denmark met Christian who was paralyzed from the neck down.
All he ever wished for, was to be able to communicate with his girlfriend, friends and family, without the need for help of anyone else. His wished for independence.
The day after meeting him, the team behind TubusOne™ had developed the very first edition of a TubusOne™ and gave this to him in order to fulfill his wish.
After two years, 10 prototypes and several hours of in the thinking cap, the finished TubusOne™ product was ready for the market.

All Christian ever wanted was the freedom to write his girlfriend without any help from others.
TubusOne™ gave him the opportunity to do that.

The value of TubusOne™ relies on the piston the product, which acts like a finger touching a touchscreen device. Gaining the opportunity to navigate quickly, without any complications and on your own terms is a way of regaining your independence and freedom. This is not something the team behind TubusOne™ made up. This is a result of several hours of user testing of the product. The user testers have been leading the way through the development of the product.

TubusOne™ would not have been what it is today without good craftsmanship and extraordinary user testers.



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