Explore TubusOne™

TubusOne™ is a low-tech communication device used for navigating on tablets and smartphones. TubusOne™ works by blowing slightly into the tube wherefrom a function will activate that works just like a finger on all touchscreen devices.

Not exhausting to use

TubusOne™ works by lightly puffing air into the straw. Substantial lung capacity is not needed.


Quality material

TubusOne™ is made by carbon fiber and aluminum, strong and lightweight materials for your convenience.


Works out of the box

No software installation required! TubusOne™ works directly from the box and works on all tablet and smartphone devices.


Full control over touchscreens

TubusOne™ is specifically used for communication, interaction and playing games on tablets and smartphones


Creates independency

TubusOne™ creates independency so you can manage your activities on tablets and smartphones without any help from other.


Easy to get started!

You do not need to have any prior knowledge to get started with TubusOne™, it is simple and easy to manage.


TubusOne™ - an easy to use product

TubusOne™ has been developed in order to meet your requirements for hygiene, accessibility and lightweight to minimize effort. TubusOne™ consist of:

  • A mouthpiece
  • A touch function
  • Carbon fiber and high grade aluminum Tube
  • TubusClip; a stand for TubusOne™

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Everything you need to know before you get started

  • Q: How do I use TubusOne™?

    A: You grab the mouthpiece with your mouth and puff lightly air into the tube in order to activate and start using the product. Simple and easy.
  • Q: Can I speak while using TubusOne™?

    A: Yes you can. TubusOne™ has a simple mouthpiece like other communication tools for the mouth and does not hinder your ability to speak.
  • Q: Do I need to clean TubusOne™ everyday?

    A: We recommend you to clean the mouthpiece on a daily basis in order to maintain an optimal hygiene level. The tube in TubusOne™ needs to be cleansed three times a week for optimal performance. The tool used to clean the tube will be in the box when you buy a TubusOne™.
  • Q: Do I get exhausted from using TubusOne™?

    A: TubusOne™ does not require any physical strength or muscle contraction beside from generating a recompression in your mouth.
    The puff of air you use is compared to blowing bubbles in a glass of water, through a straw and you are still able to breath normally through your nose while using TubusOne™.