TubusOne is the product owned by Tubus Technology. Tubus Technology consists of two people- Asbjørn Houmøller Eliasen and Lizanne Svane. 

In 2013 they met a person who was paralyzed from the neck down. His only wish was to be able to communicate independently with friends and family without having to ask anyone for help. The day after meeting him, Asbjørn Houmøller Eliasen had developed the very first prototype for TubusOne. Nearly 2 years later in March 2015 the first user tests started and this year, 2016, the product TubusOne was finished leaving approximately 10 prototypes, 2 years and several hundred hours in product development behind.


Our vision is to enable everybody who has a mobility disability in arms and hands to be in contact with the online world and a part of the online information society. We want to break down the barriers so everybody can be online and interact with other people independently, on their own terms and with the feeling that it is as quick and satisfying as using a finger.


The vision is comprehended by our mission in developing an extended finger that is easy to use, has a flat learning curve, offers full control over touch-screens and that consist of quality material. We believe that by offering a solution where you have the opportunity to navigate quickly as if you used your finger creates more value than "only" being able to navigate on touchscreen devices. Why settle with the ability to interact even though it is exhausting when you can get the same experience as if you used your finger.

Value creation and co-creation

The value lies in the function we call "the extended finger". Having the possibility to navigate quick, uncomplicated and on your own terms with TubusOne, feels like navigating with your fingers. This insight comes from many hours of user-testing TubusOne. The co-creation of TubusOne is an essential part of the product because the user-testers have been leading the way during product development. TubusOne would not be what it is today without good craftsmanship and extraordinary user-testers.

The user testers

Lis is one of our user testers and she has been using TubusOne several hours a day for the last nine months. Lis is 58 years old, has secondary progressive sclerosis, is able to move one finger that controls the joystick for her wheelchair and she uses TubusOne up to 8 hours a day with her smartphone and tablet. The set-up of the devices is specifically designed for Lis and her chair as she uses her phone a lot during the day. Lis use TubusOne with social media and games on the tablet and she also combine the use of TubusOne with a voice recognition solution. Lis is a great example of how different technologies can be used together to form a simple and effortless everyday life. She states: "Wonderful tool! It has given me the freedom to be in dialogue with the outside world again. THANK YOU!"

Dennis is another user tester. He is 45 years old and has primary progressive sclerosis. Dennis use TubusOne up to 3 hours a day writing emails, text messages, use social media and play games. Dennis' set- up is very different from Lis'. Dennis has a tabletstand placed on his desk in his house where he spends time using TubusOne with his tablet. Dennis has been testing TubusOne for 11 months and he is still very satisfied with the product: "TubusOne has increased my life quality and has among other things given me an opportunity to be online again"

 Dennis using TubusOne with his desk set-up.

Dennis while using TubusOne in his current set-up at the desk.